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Tue, Sep. 20th, 2005, 09:54 pm
baalitlaura: Spiritual Experiences

The following is from another blog I have that no one reads anymore, so I figured I'd post it here since I thought not only you would someone read it (my selfish reason) but that someone might also enjoy it!

I finally bought these documentaries done in the late 80's by Canadian director, Donna Read. They are a series documenting the Women's Spirituality/Goddess Worship revolution in North America. The first of three videos is called Goddess Remembered, where Read digs through our "history" to reveal the untold herstory of our Pagan ancestors. The second tape is called The Burning Times, where Read examines the Witch Burnings that took place in Europe in the 1500-1700's. The final tape, aptly titled Full Circle, brings our distant past and not so distant past together, and calls the Women's Spirituality movement her own - she has grown to believe that despite our differences, humans share one thing: common ground - Gaia, Earth Mother of All. We truly have an obligation to care for eachother, ourselves and most of all our home the Earth.

Where I work, most people have signs in their cubicles displaying slogans like "God Bless America" - and I've always felt this idea was missing the point. Although I feel grateful that we have a country that gives women the most freedom they've had since the rise of patriarchy, I still do not consider myself patriotic, persay. While watching the last two of Read's documentaries last night, I was inspired to create a new banner to hang in my cube at work. After drawing the Earth somewhat abstractly, I wrote the words "Goddess Bless Our Earth" - I felt inspired! A domician preist in the documentary said, in our New Age (age as in time, moving from Picses to Aquarias) we will move from the idea of nationalism to borderless "Earthism" (I made that up b/c I can't remember the correct term) where all people, regardless of race, ethinicity, social class, etc. will feel called to work towards environmental and egalitarian efforts. Let's face it, women get this b/c we are the original Creators! We all came from a Woman's ocean-like womb - that's where the word Woman comes from "Womb-man" - we are all Wombmen.

After I created my poster for "Earthism" (haha) I went outside and I stood in the grass in my yard and tried to listen to only the wind and the crickets; tried to ignore the SUV's, and the glowing yellow M and the automatic porch light, overhead wires, pavement, litter, highway, smog and airplane light mascarading as a moving, blinking star. I just wanted to be in Her - totally immersed. I let my hair down and bent over to touch the grass, wet from Katrina's aftermath, and I baptized myself on my head, neck and breasts with the water. I stood there a few more minutes and went inside to write a poem about it. It felt so good to be alone and to realize that ritual with the Earth is so closely linked with human health. It's essential, I believe, to commune with Her, to feel her presense in your life because we come from Her and return to Her. She is change and so are we. An old wise crone in the third documentary said; "Young people come to me and ask 'What can I do to heal the earth?' and I tell them 'Heal yourself.'" That moved me to ritual, to commune, to create art and poetry. To heal my insecurities about my ability to do those very things alone. To be human, fallible, breakable, yet still complete able to bring change. To live and be alive.

Wed, Sep. 21st, 2005 02:32 am (UTC)

Now that, my dear, was a breath of fresh air.

Wed, Sep. 21st, 2005 02:33 am (UTC)

OH wow, thank you for sharing that! The words at the end sum it all up for me: "Heal yourself." This has been something so present in my life right now that it seems constant reminders pop up and let me know about it all the time. Goddess bless you and your life!

Wed, Sep. 21st, 2005 11:21 pm (UTC)
baalitlaura: Healing yourself

I often think that is one of the things that keeps me drawn towards Paganism and Goddess worship, in a way that patriarchal religions never could. I grew up protestant and was taught that if you had a problem you had to pray that by some miracle you would be helped. But the Goddess teaches us to realize She is inside all of us - we have Her power, ARE her power - it's available to us in so many forms; regenerative power, creative power, inspirational, destructive, reconstructive, healing power - all within our reach. Our society is set up on the Christian notion that we have to look for a "daddy" to fix things for us. We teach our children (especially our daughters) to rely on others (men) to do things, pay for things, fix things for them. Imagine what would happen if our world was taught about the Goddess and children could think for themselves and grow up to be adults that could heal themselves, and grow and change by their own will power, rather than still just praying to a god hoping he might hear their prayer and not another's. All along, they had within them the power to make change. They had that magick inside - besides, isn't that what Starhawk said magick means? From that Latin root "to bend, to change" - to heal!