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The Red Tent

Welcome to Camp Menses!

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The Red Tent is dedicated to expanding awareness and consciousness of the Sacred Feminine. For millenia, women have gathered together under the Full Moon or Dark Moon as their monthly menstrual cycles converge. In many hunter-gatherer societies today, women are separated from the tribe, not allowed to do work, and not allowed to interract with any of the men for this special time of the month. Now, most people would see that as unfair, but we in the Tent know that this is something blessed--the blood which flows from our bodies is meant for reflection on what it means to be Female.

In the Beginning, the Earth was Herself. She has been tested, tried, and judged guilty of one thing--Her intimate, passionate, sometimes violent nature. And for this, She has been sentenced to endure the rape and abuse of "Civilization", a system of beliefs that operate under a notion of a false god--the unbalanced, stagnant, divine Masculine.

The Tent is a place for stories--stories of love, true or false, stories of passion for the Earth Mother we adore, and stories of Her children--our blessed selves. The Tent is a place to celebrate the Feminine, and bask in Her radiance--be it the wild radiance of unknown paths or the luminescence of Her chosen path making itself known to us. So come in, sit by the warm fire pit, take off your clothes if you wish--we are no strangers to what hides beneath layers. Have a cup of chamomile and enjoy what it means to be a woman, linked through a web of creativity and divine revelation.

Mother Weaver, Bless Us
Ishtar, Mary, Your Girls Are Holy
We stand before you, Kali-Ma
And utter your song.